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What is a functional medicine health coach?
Functional medicine health coach, is someone you can co-create a plan that can guide you towards your wellness. You and only you are the center of this journey and your health coach is there to guide and support you.
Functional medicine uses  a holistic, personalized approach to health and healing. It is holistic as the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT are integral, complementary and inseperable from one another. 
The wellness plan you and your functional medicine health coach co-create may explore;
  • nutrition
  • exercise and activity routine
  • daily stresses and stress menagement
  • mood
Coaching aims for the clients to incorporate healthy life skills in a self-directed manner. The aim is to make these self-directed changes permanent.
Functional medicine coach traning prepares health coaches to use a number of tools that can help and assist their clients in their wellness journey.
The health coach can analyze the client very well and is able to ask strong questions that helps the client to see the right and wrong.
The client uses his/her own personal roadmap during the wellness journey. Functional medicine philosophy states that wellness can only be reached and maintained if it self-directed and initiated by a self-specific roadmap.

The health coach encourages the clients to take action in their search for solutions and improvement in healthy living.


​Functional Medicine Health Coach always creates positive feelings and thoughts in his / her client and supports change.


The coach never;

  • judges

  • critisizes

  • forces

always provides positive energy, motivation and awareness.​

The journey toward your wellness can be in a;

  • one on one setting


  • as part of a team with your physician.

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