more active & more energy
fitter & healthier & happier
thınk well, eat well, move well, lıve well!
The Functional Medicine Health Coach provides you the support in your wellness journey.
The support of the health coach enables you to co-create a personalized healthy life style plan. The aim is to bring about long lasting, life time changes that makes healthier life style choices possible.
The Functional Medicine Health Coaching uses a holistic approach to mind - body - spirit and uses the  tools of;
  • Functional nutrition principles
  • Stress management techniques
  • Motivation towards active life style and exercise
  • Healthy and quality sleep
  • Mind- Body medicine 
in a personalized manner. 
Your diet, life style and the environment you live in can change the functions of your genes. You are born with a set of genes that are unique to you. The daily food choices you make, the ability or inability to coop with the stresses in your life, your sleep patterns as well as how how active your life style is, all have an effect on how optimal your genes function.
Functional Medicine Health Coach will provide the guidance and the greatest support to work on the most important 'modifiable' aspects of your life such as;
  • food choices
  • exercise,
  • stress management
  • sleep


Integrative Sports Nutrition 

The Center for Integrative Sports Nutrition


Functional Medicine Health Coach,

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA)

Sports Nutritionist, Dip. Sports Nutr., IOC

Ph.D. Pharmacology, Rudolf Magnus Institiute, Utrecht University, Holland

M.Sc. in Toxicology, Biochemistry Department, Surrey University, England

B. Sc. in Human Biology and Health, Surrey University, England

The founder of SPOREL BESLENME, and SPOREL be well!, Emine Sporel Özakat, Ph.D., has previously worked  in Boğaziçi University and İstanbul Technical University, Molecular Biology and Genetics Departments for a total of 16 years.  She received further education in the field of nutrition after her academic carrier. She is the first person in Turkey, to receive the world renowed International Olympic Committee, Sorts Nutrition Diploma. She is also the first Functional Medicine Health Coach Academy enrolled health coach. She also holds 'Integrative Sports Nutrition' diploma and uses a holistic approach to Sports Nutrition. She has been involved in sports in all her life. Swimming and athletics in childhood, and then professional level basketball during high school and university. Currently, she is enjoying taking part in competitive senior tennis circuit.



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