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Fuctional Medicine Tree

What is functional medicine?

The tree above is a beautiful schematic representation that helps to describe Functional Medicine.   

Traditional medicine looks at the "leaves of the tree" and provides a diagnosis, which is often followed by a prescription to treat the symptom(s).   Modern medicine behaves as if each leaf is separate from each other and are not connected at all. In this functional medicine tree diagram various specialities of todays modern medicine are represented by seperate leaves.


​Functional Medicine, on the other hand starts at the "root of the tree" which includes the various lifestyle factors such as;

  • diet 

  • exercise,

  • sleep 

  • stress 

It works up the tree to uncover the underlying imbalances in the core systems.  Functional Medicine understands that the human body is interconnected and is not made up by individual leaves. ​ It gets to the root cause of the imbalances addressing them with the foundation of health.  

"Traditional Medicine wants to know what's wrong with you.  Functional Medicine wants to know why."  - Kim Ross

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